this is my deck (So far I've Been Getting Lucky^_^):


Junk Synchron <Limited Edition>
Hyper Synchron
Quickdraw Synchron
Debris Dragon
Majestic Dragon

---Effect Monsters---:
Speed Warrior
Quilbolt Hedgehog <Limited Edition>
Turbo Booster
Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode <Limited Edition>
Turret Warrior
Ghost Guardna
Rockstone Warrior
Shield Warrior
Level Warrior
Max Warrior
Fortress Warrior
sonic Chick
Level Eater
Zero Guardna

---SPELLS 10----

Fighting Spirit
Prevention Star
Domino Effect
One For One
Junk Barrage
Release Restraint Wave
Card Rotator
Silver Wing
Advanced Draw
Double Summon

---TRAPS 10---

Starlight Road <Limited Edition>
Equip Shot
Assault Mode Activate
Graceful Revival
defense Draw
Skill Successor
Urgent Tuning
Synchro Strike
Limiter Overload
Scrap-Iron Scarecrow

---SYNCHROS 6---
Stardust Dragon <Limited Edition>
Majestic Star dragon <Limited Edition>
Junk Warrior
Nitro Warrior
Turbo Warrior
Road Warrior

Side Deck


Marauding Captain
Turbo Synchron
Nitro Synchron
Poad Synchron
Gauntlet Warrior
Healing Wave Generator
Eccentric Boy


Synchro Blast Wave <:Limited Edition
Synchro Boost
De Synchro
Synchronized Realm
Monster Reincarnation


Spirit Force
Reinforced Truth
Miracle Locus
Decending Lost Star
Sakuretsu armor
Crush Card Virus <Non tournament Duels Only>
Scrubbed Raid


Gaia Knight The Force Of Earth
Iron ChainDragon

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