This is a deck I made to play the early stages of the Yu-Gi-Oh DS game 'WC 2011 over the nexus' it focus on locking down special summoning with Vantiy's Fiend's effect and basically ruining the vast majority of the best decks in the game

The name vanitas artists is just a nice little pun on the vanitas art movement and the name of the main card in the deck Vanity's Fiend.

This deck is easy to use and fun, the banned list is according to september 2010.


  • Caius the Shadow Monarch x2
  • Dark Armoured Dragon
  • Gorz Emissary of Darkness
  • Jester Confit x2
  • Plaguespreader Zombie
  • Sangan
  • Snipe Hunter x2
  • Stygian Security x3
  • Stygian Street Patrol x3
  • Tragoedia
  • Vanitys Fiend


  • Allure of Darkness
  • Big Bang Shot x2
  • Fires of Doomsday
  • Foolish Burial
  • Forbidden Chalice
  • Monster Reborn
  • My Body as a Shield x2
  • Mystical Space Typhoon x2
  • One for One
  • Shrink
  • United We Stand


  • Bottomless Trap Hole x2
  • Call of the Haunted
  • Dark Bribe x2
  • Mirror Force

Extra Deck:

  • Ally of Justice Catastor
  • Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
  • Crimson Mefist
  • Goyo Guardian
  • Stardust Dragon
  • Red Dragon Archfiend
  • Stygain Sergeants x3
  • Trishula, Dragon of Ice Barrier

I am Working on a Twilight type deck using 'Vanity's Ruler' aswell as 'Vanity's Fiend' it will be called 'Vanity Rose'

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