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A Victory Dragon Deck is a type of Deck used to win an entire Match (as opposed to just a Duel).

The Deck focuses on forming a lock where the opponent can't draw cards. This would leave the opponent unable to do anything while you lower their Life Points to just below "Victory Dragon's" ATK. Then playing "D. Tribe" or "DNA Surgery to turn all your monsters into dragons would provide tributes for "Victory Dragon". Then one direct attack from "Victory Dragon" would win the match.

It should be noted that this Deck is only available in Traditional Format, since "Victory Dragon" and other key cards are currently Forbidden in Advanced Format.

Two such locks exist in the Traditional Format capable of stopping the opponent drawing. One is the "Yata-Lock" the other is the "Tsukuyomi Lock".

The Tsukuyomi Lockdown involves using either "Time Seal" or "Drop Off". Using "Tsukuyomi" to flip "Mask of Darkness" face-down the same turn as you used "Mask of Darkness'" Flip Effect allows you to play "Time Seal" or "Drop Off" to get back either "Time Seal" or "Drop Off" and use it each turn, effectively stopping your opponent drawing cards.

In casual play and some video games, there are a number of cards with similar effects, that can be used in place of "Victory Dragon", but are Illegal in official tournaments.

Unfortunately, in the TCG, you are allowed to 'scoop' at any time, so you can just surrender before Victory Dragon hits you, and you will only lose the duel, not the match, making this deck only viable in casual play.

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