2x marauding captain

2x junk synchron

2x torapart

2x the immortal bushi

2x rose warrior of revenge

2x turret warrior

2x goblin attack force

2x doppel warrior

2x exile force

2x feild commander rahz

2x black luster soldier : envoy of the beginning

spell and traps

2x solidarity

2x warrior returning alive

1 monster reborn

1 reinforcement of the army

1 dark hole

2x gold sarcophagus

1 giant trunade

2x rivalry of warlords

2x sakuretsu armor

2x dark bribe

2x divine wrath

1 mirror force

1 call of the haunted

synchro monsters

3x x-saber wayne

3x junk warrior

3x gaia knight , force of earth

3x x-saber urbellum

3x lightning warrior

3x junk gardna

3x junk archer

3x junk bersaker

3x junk destroyer

3x colossal fighter

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