Mask of Darkness

Junk Synchron

Mefist the Infernal General

Twin-Shield Defender

Throwstone Unit

Buster Blader

Turbo Booster

Panther Warrior

Giant Orc


Shield Warrior

Mysterious Puppeteer

Cybernetic Cyclopean

Battle Ox

Snipe Hunter

Dark Resonator


Rockstone Warrior

Big Eye

Summoned Skull

Turbo Synchron

Speed Warrior x2

Invader of Darkness

Little Winguard

Gilford the Lightning

Black Luster Soldier



Junk Warrior x2

Turbo Warrior

Colossal Fighter

Spells, Magic and Traps


Smashing Ground

Monster Reborn

Magical Mallet

Pot of Avarice

Synchro Strike

Just Desserts

Swords of Revealing Light

Sakuretsu Armor


Draining Shield

Rush Recklessly

Stop Defense

Synchro Blast Wave

Lightning Vortex

The Warrior Returning Alive

Dian Keto the Cure Master

Magic Cylinder

Ekibyo Drakmord

Back to Square One

Black Luster Ritual

Scrap-Iron Scarecrow

Fighting Spirit

Double Summon

Dust Tornado

Metal Reflect Slime


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