My Ace Monster.

This is a deck of (mainly) Warrior monsters. It is a deck that focuses on, well, getting rid of your opponents monsters very quickly, Synchro and Fusion summoning efficiently, and powering up your own monsters.

Monster Cards (39):

  • 1x Tune Warrior

  • 1x Gaia the Fierce Knight

  • 1x Queen's Knight

  • 1x Jack's Knight

  • 1x Curse of Dragon

  • 1x Sword Hunter

  • 1x XX-Saber Gardestrike

  • 1x Commander Gottoms, Swordmaster

  • 1x Exiled Force

  • 1x Quickdraw Synchron

  • 1x D.D. Warrior Lady

  • 2x Marauding Captain

  • 1x XX-Saber Fullhelmknight

  • 1x Silent Swordsman LV3

  • 1x Silent Swordsman LV5

  • 1x Silent Swordsman LV7

  • 2x XX-Saber Faultroll

  • 1x X-Saber Airbellum

  • 2x XX-Saber Ragigrua

  • 1x Obnoxious Celtic Guard

  • 1x King's Knight

  • 1x Strike Ninja

  • 1x Mystic Swordsman LV2

  • 1x Mystic Swordsman LV4

  • 1x Mystic Swordsman LV6

  • 1x Evocator Chevalier

  • 1x Masaki the Legendary Swordsman

  • 1x Flame Manipulator

  • 1x Quillbolt Hedgehog

  • 1x Gearfried the Iron Knight

  • 1x Gearfried the Swordmaster

  • 1x Phoenix Gearfried

  • 1x Gemini Soldier

  • 1x Colossal Fighter - Assault Mode

  • 1x Level Eater

Spell Cards (15):

  • 1x Reinforcement of the Army

  • 1x The Warrior Returning Alive

  • 1x Block Attack

  • 1x Stop Defense

  • 1x Polymerization

  • 1x Saber Slash

  • 1x Release Restraint

  • 1x Sogen

  • 1x Banner of Courage

  • 1x Spiral Spear Strike

  • 1x Field Barrier

  • 1x Divine Sword – Phoenix Blade

  • 1x Big Bang Shot

  • 1x Quick-Play Spells

  • 1x My Body as a Shield

Trap Cards (6):

  • 1x Dimensional Prison

  • 1x Rope of Life

  • 1x Kunai With Chain

  • 1x Saber Hole

  • 1x Gottoms Emergency Call

  • 1x Assault Mode Activate

Extra Deck (15):

  • 1x Gaia, the Dragon Champion
  • 1x Gaia Drake, the Universal Force
  • 1x Flame Swordsman
  • 1x Drill Warrior
  • 2x Gaia Knight, The Force of Earth x2
  • 1x Colossal Fighter
  • 1x XX-Saber Gottoms
  • 1x XX-Saber Hyunlei
  • 1x Seven Swords Warrior
  • 1x Junk Warrior
  • 1x Turbo Warrior
  • 1x Nitro Warrior
  • 1x Road Warrior
  • 1x Number 39: Aspiring Emperor Hope

Side Deck (8):

  • 1x Buster Blader

  • 1x Getsu Fuhma

  • 1x G.B. Hunter

  • 1x Swift Gaia The Fierce Knight

  • 1x Dragon Capture Jar

  • 1x The Dark Door

  • 1x Scrap-Iron Scarecrow

  • 1x Scarred Warrior

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