Ocean dragon

I love my water deck, but like my fairy deck which is also posted here, it usually doesn't do too well. I know I need a Brionac, I had to trade mine and am looking for another. Suggestions are welcome.

Summary: 50 card deck, 26 monsters, 14 spells, 10 traps, 3 synchros and 1 tuner


Armed Sea Hunter

Flip Flop Frog

Penguin Soldier


7 Colored Fish

Warrier Of Atlantis

Ocean Dragon Lord- Neo-Daedalus

Spiral Serpent

Cold Enchanter

Substitoad x2

Island Turtle

Testudo Erat Numen

Deep Diver x2

Neo Aqua Madoor

Barrier Statue Of The Torrent

Sea Serpent Warrier Of Darkness


Reese The Ice Mistress

Snowman Eater

Amphibious Bugroth MK-3

The Legendary Fisherman

Dupe Frog




Creature Swap

A Legendary Ocean x2

Moray Of Greed

Mage Power

Book Of Moon

Level Limit- Area B

Burden Of The Mighty

Magical Mallet

Double Summon

Black Pendant

Supremacy Berry


Mystical Space Typhoon


Defense Draw

Mask Of Weakness

Widespread Ruin

Option Hunter

Tornado Wall

Bottomless Trap Hole

Shadow Spell

Depth Amulet

Froggy Forcefield x2


Sea Dragon Lord Gishilnodon

Gaia Knight, The Force Of Earth

Thought Ruler Archfiend

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