6 Monsters

Wind-Up Magician

Wind-Up Dog x2

Wind-Up Soldier x3

2 Spells

Legendary Wind-Up Key x2

2 Traps

Overwind x2


Wind-Up Zenmaister

Its nowhere near finished so modify it if you want. Thank you.

Hi! This is a new person editing now (starting from the bold). This is my suggestion for a Wind-Up deck.

19 Monsters

Wind-Up Rat x3

Wind-Up Hunter x2

Wind-Up Magician x3

Wind-Up Shark x3

Tour Guide from the Underworld x3

Tour Bus from the Underworld


Maxx "C" x3

10 Spells

Mystical Space Typhoon x2

Heavy Storm

Dark Hole

Monster Reborn

Mind Control

Wind-Up Factory x3

Book of Moon

8 Traps

Smashing Ground x2

Solemn Warning x2

Solemn Judgment

Torrential Tribute

Fiendish Chain x2

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