This deck uses the swarming powers of Zombies to summon a Wicked God, a strategy of this was posted on Yugioh Wikia and I have made my own version.

This deck mainly focuses on Double Coston, a double tribute that can use cards like Mezuki or Zombie Master for revival as well as searchable by Summoner Monk and Pyramid Turtle.

A good combo is to use Double Coston and Soul Exchange to cummon a god in one turn, or better substitute Soul Exchange with Hardened Armed Dragon to summon a god and make it almost indestructable.

The Deck:

Monsters: (20)

  • The Wicked Avatar x2
  • The Wicked Dreadroot x2
  • The Wicked Eraser x2
  • Hardened Armed Dragon x2
  • Summoner Monk x1
  • Pyramid Turtle x3
  • Double Coston x3
  • Zombie Master x2
  • Mezuki x1
  • Dark Grepher x2
  • Mystic Tomato x2

Spells: (17)

  • Allure of Darkness x1
  • Monster Reborn x1
  • Book of Life x1
  • Pot of Avarice x2
  • Foolish Burial x1
  • Viel of Darkness x3
  • Junk Barrage x1
  • Fairy Meteor Crush x2
  • Twin Swords of Flashing Light - Tryce x1
  • Shooting Star Bow - Ceal x1
  • Soul Exchange x2


  • Mirror Force x1
  • Meteorain x1
  • Threatening Roar x2

Thank you to who ever posted the idea of a Zombie/ Wicked God styled deck. NOTE: This deck isn't real, just an idea.

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